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Welcome to Oregon Roof Cleaning in Salem! While we do specialize in roof cleaning, we also offer a variety of exterior cleaning services & restorations. Whether you need moss removed from your roof or cedar siding restored, we have a solution for you! To request an estimate please contact us through our online form or feel free to call anytime! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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We simply offer the best, most reliable and affordable exterior & roof cleaning services in Oregon. We follow strict safety guidelines in complete compliance with Oregon Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and carry a 1-million dollar liability insurance policy. If you want the job completed right the first time, we can help!

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Roof Moss removal is a relatively straightforward process but there is only 1 correct way to do it effectively and safely. We have mastered the art of roof cleaning ensuring that your roof is cleaned without causing damage to it or the environment. Our manual wire brush removal method and preventative treatment is the only way to have your roof cleaned. We have the best methods to safely clean any type of roof in any condition.

Roof Cleaning in Salem, OR

“Roof moss removal is HARD work. I tried doing it myself once and it took me the entire weekend and the roof algae didn’t completely disappear. Instead of wasting another weekend I called Oregon Roof Cleaning and they were out that day to give me an estimate and their prices were very affordable! I now recommend them to all of my neighbors. I am so happy with Salem roof cleaners, they did a great job!” – Elliot, 97301

“I had no idea why there were leaks in some parts of the house whenever heavy rains come so I sent my husband up the roof to investigate. He found tone of roof moss and algae growing and decided we needed to get it taken care of that day! Thank you, Oregon Roof Cleaning Services, for taking care of it! I would recommend you to anyone in Salem.” –Devin, 97304

Cedar Shingle Cleaning in Salem, OR

“I only wanted professionals to step foot on my roof because I know how dangerous it can be. I felt so much better knowing that Oregon Roof Cleaning had trained staff and used the most up to date safety gear. The website shows great pictures of before and after photos from previous projects the quality matched my services as well. If you need your cedar shingles cleaning in Salem give them a call!” – Tony, 97317

“It is so important to get professionals for your cedar roof cleaning. No need risking your life for it. This company gives the most reasonable prices and discounts. They worked with my budget! Great job guys.” – Bryan, 97301

Composite Shingle Cleaning in Salem, OR

“Most roofs are made of composite shingles that require certain technique to clean and remove moss and algae. My neighbors recommended Oregon Roof Cleaning; they had used them to fix a job a different company didn’t compete correctly. Now our entire neighborhood uses them to clean our roofs! They also come with full liability insurance which makes having people working on your roof less nerve racking.” – Chris, 97306

“I learned from my father in low that moss starts to grow in between shingles where water gets trapped, which is very common in the rain NW. After these guys removed moss from my roof, they gave me advice on how to prevent moss from growing back and used organic cleaning materials that didn’t harm my garden.” –Jared, 97303

Organic Roof Treatments in Salem, OR

“I wanted this company’s eco-friendly cedar roof cleaning treatment for my cedar shingles. I swear my roof got a brighter color when they were done! It’s like I got a roof replacement instead of roof cleaning. Great job, guys!” –Nick, 97303

“We were looking online for a roof cleaning company in Salem and my husband was very impressed with this company because they do not use bleach when cleaning roofs. We’ve heard that bleach does nothing but harm the roof, plants, and environment. Their environmentally friendly roof cleaning is really amazing! As humans it is our responsibility to take care of the environment. If you care about the rivers in Salem, don’t use harmful chemicals to clean your roof. “ –Bill, 97304

Tile Roof Cleaning in Salem, OR

“My neighbor let me borrow their tile roof cleaning chemicals and pressure washer. I went up my roof to check but the extent of cleaning to be done is beyond what I could do. I called these guys and they were quick to respond and on time. They wasted no time in cleaning too.” – Trevor, 97306

“The weather this past year was just what moss needed to spread and cover most of my roof. It was really ugly to look at. I’ve read several good things about this company’s tile roof moss removal that convinced me to hire them. I’m glad I did. Thanks a lot! “ –Lucas, 97302

Gutter Cleaning in Salem, OR

“I’m glad that these guys go above and beyond of what they were hired to do. Aside from doing a great job in gutter and downspout cleaning, they managed to have fixed some damage I haven’t detected before. I will be using them for my rental property in Salem as well!” – Harvey, 97305

“Up until now I didn’t know of any respectable companies who did gutter and downspout cleaning professionally. My gutters were leaking down on to my lawn so my wife decided it was time to find some professionals. It was a lot of weight off of my back. Thanks for doing a great job and now I don’t have waterfalls coming from my roof!” – Ryan, 97303

Roof Moss Removal in Salem, OR

“I realized that no matter how clean my house is it really doesn’t make me feel better because I know that the stains on my roof are caused by living algae. It’s like they’re crawling on my roof. These professionals at Oregon Roof Cleaning did a really good job removing the algae and putting my nerves at ease. I know that sounds crazy but I’m so happy I found these guys to clean my roof in Salem, OR.” –Eric, 97317

“I finally made my parents realize how important it was to have the roof shingle algae cleaned after I showed them the algae is eating away the life of their roof. This company gave them a discount because I recommended them.” –Justin, 97303